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I just inherited an orchid and know nothing about their care...yet

This was their first orchid and they enjoyed it lots but they are leaving the country and cant take it with them. I was told it finished blooming about a month ago. It appears healthy to me as the leaves are green and thick.

I see its pot is some cheap thin clear plastic one and the plant will fall over w/o support and so I will need to repot it (intended pot beside it). I will pick up some orchid soil and orchid food.

The long stem looks green and healthy except for the last bit which is yellowing. Do I cut this part off or maybe snip back all of the stem?

I am in a CDN z6 locale but I think I can find a place for it at a south facing window for the winter.

Watering and feeding frequency while it is w/o blooms?

Thanks for your advice and experience.

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