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Down to the finishing lines

We are about 4 weeks from our normal (if there is such a think in Oklahoma) first frost date. I STILL have a couple of daylilies blooming, although they are about over. The cooler weather (thank you Lord) means they aren't opening as well as before, but I've NEVER had any blooms whatsoever in October so I'll take it with a smile.

This was Indian Ripples last bloom today. Not great I admit, but the color is back with the reds:

Mary's Baby still has a few buds to go, and in tangent with another thread, my Dahlia bloomed today. It's a NOID I picked up from Ace this spring. The bush has a compact rounded shape, more of a landscape shrub really then the tall exhibition standards.


The cucumber beetles have shown up in force in the past few days and some of the petals show some damage, but I think it looks pretty good considering what it's been through this year..........I've now graduated to the fall season with mums and pansies and maybe a cup of hot cocoa soon.....Maryl

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