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Bad fall down finished wood stairs: step edges down to bare wood

12 years ago

Less than five years ago we had our home's red/white oak floors refinished. We've had this done many times in past homes, so we are no novices at wood floor refinishing. Within a year of this big job by a new highly recommended floor contractor(stain and water-based two coat finish over probably 2500 square feet in one week), the wood starting chipping, even large pieces came off, the finish wore off in rooms, and with normal daily wear showed it was down to bare wood (as on step edges). I brought this to the floor companies attention. Basically, the wood is brittle and chips off in random places.

Friday night, while holding the stair-rail, I hit one of those marbleized bare wood areas third step down and proceeded to fall backside down all the remainder of the many steps. My arm and wrist took a bad licken.

What can I immediately do about the smooth, slick, marble-like edges of our main wood stair steps? The rest of the steps, baring chips, have a gripping finish. Stair edges are hard to work with. How do I fix this, short of covering with carpet which our family pet will immediately seize upon and destroy and which was not in our plan when refinishing our lovely wood. I use no wax, just a professional waterborn floor cleaner and only when needed. The applied waterborn finish is dull, lackluster and my friends ask when am I going to get my floors redone ;/!

When my daughter heard I fell and got hurt, she admitted she too fell down these steps when home from school last time but didn't tell us.

My negotiations with the wood floor company will continue. Never have we had problems like this in five prior homes. It's one thing to be upset with the job, quite another to risk your life in a long fall while holding on due to unusual slipperyness. Thank you for your suggestions.

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