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Green subway tile which colour to grout??

Yun Kim
5 months ago

we just tiled on ensuite floor which is light beige and our shower wall will be green shiny subway tile and shower floor is light wood look tile

shower head: gold

the delima is grout colour of subway

i was thinking of doing dark grout on green subway and use gold metal trim for niche and shower.. should I then use dark stone for shower curb? my tiler saying it will look odd to have one dark wall and there is nothing else black in the washroom so he suggested I should do dark/black stone on curb

he suggested it will look good if I go with white/light beige grout on subway tile and do white stone on curb and it will look harmonious with my light beige ensuite floor

i am so confused! please help

these are green subway tile and wood look tile for shower floor

This is ensuite floor

this is shower i have skylight above shower

and Two walls will be subway tile..

this is dark grout.. on green subway

This is my inspirational photo

This white grout on subway tile is what tile setter is suggesting

its my first reno and I am so bad at visualizing..

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