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Need advice on overwintering a small potted rose, zone 7

E C z7 southeast
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Hi, I have a rather small rose that I am currently growing in a pot, (5 gallon, I think? I don't quite remember.) And I am trying to figure out what to do with it for winter. It was very small when it came to me and I potted it to grow it on, but I don't see roots at the bottom of the pot yet and I didn't feel comfortable transplanting it because of the size. It's the Ambridge Rose, and I'm in zone 7 Arkansas, first frost expected about November 5th if the weather stays true to recent years. I figure I have several options: I can plant it out now, but it's very small and very late in the season for that. I can bury the whole pot and mulch with straw. I can try to overwinter in the house, I do have cages with plant lights that I grow seedlings in (cages keep the cats out) but I have had issues with spider mites trying to overwinter stuff in them. I have an unheated garage, and I've heard you can overwinter a dormant rose in a garage or shed. The problem with mine is it's not attached to the house, has poor insulation, and really only stays very slightly warmer than outdoors. It can reach freezing temperatures inside easily. What do you think is my best option here? I was very lucky to get this rose to begin with, and doubt I'd be able to replace it if it dies, so I am very anxious about it. What is the least risky option? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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