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Why can't I lose weight?

last year
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I turned 61 on Sunday. I'm male.

Since March 2020 I stopped all alcohol. I used to drink a bottle of wine each day.

For 3 years now I walk for 40 minutes, 4 times a week, at a brisk pace.

For breakfast I only have an apple, or an orange, or a banana. And, of course, a cup of coffee.

My lunch is my biggest meal. I mostly have baked chicken with rice, potatoes and vegetables like cabbage, collard greens, spinach, or peas. I cook everything. In other words, I never buy anything that's pre-made.

At night I'll have 3 boiled eggs with whole wheat pita bread. Or pita bread with Teddie peanut butter.

I don't drink soda or orange juice. Instead I have plain water but I use sugar-free powdered drink mixes like this one from Walmart:

I can't stand plain water.

The only sin I can think of is that since I quit alcohol I've developed a sweet tooth. Sometimes I'll have 3 large chocolate bars from Aldi in a week. Or I'll have a large slice of apple pie. Also, I recently switched from brown to Basmati rice which I find tastes much better.

To make a long story short, instead of losing weight, I've actually gained 5 pounds.

So I'm now 300 pounds!

What do I need to do? I'll really appreciate any feedback.


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