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Soundproofing for Boutique Hotel

Hi all, I'm in need of soundproofing expertise for a boutique hotel project I'm working on.

My building is downtown in a small-sized town on a very busy highway. The highway is 4 lanes plus a turning lane and the facades are only about 8' off the curb, so it's really loud from early in the morning until late at night. My building is mid-block, so it has 'shared' walls on either side of it. It's made of brick and is 28' wide.

One of my concepts puts two hotel units on the street side, on the street level. The windows for these units would, of course, then be on the street side. The windows would be eye-level and above so you wouldn't really be seeing the cars whiz past, but certainly lots of lights at night, so quality blackout curtains for sure. My question is, would I be able to soundproof these units to be super quiet? It's a total renovation, so I can do whatever is needed for size/type of windows and interior treatment if it is possible and cost-effective. It's imperative to my business that it is very, very quiet.

I have other layout options, but this busy street and lack of real 'front door' feel is a pain no matter what and if really good soundproofing is possible, it would allow us to focus on our public space on our very cool back patio where the majority of people will enter anyway.

I am working with a local architect, but they are not very experienced with soundproofing, so before I push this concept, I'd like to better understand the fesability as well as where I might direct them to for resources.

For those who want more background, this is a classic case of a small town main street dismantled by bigger, wider, faster roads. This used to be a quaint main street with parking in front and front doors that were actually used by customers, but the DOT took all of that away a while back. So, no, it's not perfect, but I'm making an effort to take a step in the right direction by investing in our downtown and restoring some activity here.

Thanks in advance for your experience and advice!

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