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Must I have the same Window treatments...need advise please?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have an open concept rooms. You enter into my living room and at the other end of my house is my dinning room. (One long and wide room) Right now I have the same window treatments. Wall to wall verticals mirror to the floor (gold mirror or if turned around creme color. The verticals in my living room are just fine working properly. But at the other end in my dinning room has the same mirror verticals etc. Years ago I had custom drapes, too costly to dry clean then to costly always to update. So I decided to get verticals.

The problem is.....I am having a issue with them so I may have to change the ones in my dinning room. Do I need to have the same treatments in each room. Would it be okay to have something completely different like vertical "large wooden panels" naturally a different subdue color. In the decorating world is that okay to two have 2 different treatments? Or must I have the same in both rooms.

Here are some pics....I realize they are dated but it will be too costly to change both. Years ago I had custom drapes but too much to keep changing, dry cleaning etc. or to purchase $$$$$ - so I opted for verticals.

Thank you all!

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