Window Advise in our kitchen remodel - Please help!

We currently have a 4x4' window 5' in from the left of this range top wall. Our kitchen designer has laid out this future design (see 3d) showing the removal of that window. The north wall has a large window and a sliding glass door for some natural light. We definitely want the sink in the island, and the range centered on that wall. The window can be made smaller within the footprint of it's existing space, so that is an option. The island will be 9.5' x 4.5'

I'm looking for other ideas specifically in regard to the window so am reaching out to this insightful forum! Is symmetry so important? Do I need upper cabinets matching on both sides of the range top? Can it be unbalanced with a window on one side and uppers on the other? Open shelving another option instead of all these uppers? I'm having a hard time envisioning a window remaining.

What can we do with this window besides simply removing it?

Note: the exterior walls are made of concrete so it is easy to cover up windows than it is to create openings for new.

Any ideas are very much appreciated! Thank you.

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