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Help with kitchen table possible age

last year

I'm hoping to get a better idea of the possible age of a kitchen table I just bought on Marketplace from someone who had it "for years" and bought it from a neighbor who moved. It's not an antique, since it has metal slides that B. Walter & Co (their name is on the latch) apparently didn't start making until 1926. I'm planning to refinish and keep the table and would love to understand more about it.

There is no manufacturer's name under the table, which is 42 x 48 plus has three 12" leaves. It has a solid 1" thick top - haven't determined the type of wood for sure. The apron is also 1" thick by 4 3/8, so modern 1 x 4's weren't used. The most distinguishing feature from other tables I've seen is that the apron is joined to the legs with mortise and tenon joints.

My initial thought was that the original owners had it made, much like many people are having Amish tables made today. I'm curious, though, if anyone knows more about the use of the mortise and tenon joints - are they still used for pieces like these, more common 30/40/50 years ago or ???

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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