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Easiest way to provide weather protection over a sliding glass door?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are upgrading our old wooden, tiny step down backyard deck to a maintenance free small - medium size deck. We prefer to have the new deck as flush as possible to the bottom of the sliding glass doors, so that the deck feels like an extension of the house. However we have no overhang at all over our 22 year old vinyl Andersen sliders and we are concerned about bad weather on Long Island in the winter. ( We have no plans to put a covering over the entire deck in the future. ) Any suggestions for a way to approach this situation, above the door so as to protect against moisture in the door area but have a more seamless look than we do now by avoiding the step down? Right now we have about a 4-5" step down. To date we have never had any moisture issues despite there not being a cover over the area. Would this be a big project to have a carpenter address? Fortunately we do not live on the water or in a flood zone. When there is a very deep, blowing snow we do get some accumulation on the existing deck against the door but fortunately that has not been too often.

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