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What smartphone apps do you find useful?

Elmer J Fudd
13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

I had a router die unceremoniously (started acting erratically) and when setting up its replacement (same brand, different model) I learned that to do so required first downloading the manufacturer's router app on a smartphone. Maybe this has been a common approach for some makes but I bought another brand's router/Wifi equipment about 3 months ago for a different location, a two-piece installation, and the install process used a PC and not a smartphone app.

So the experience made me think, what smartphone apps do you use that you find most useful or essential? I'll start with that:

- needed to set-up and install new home router

- used for free messaging, phone calls and video visits with a geographically dispersed group of family and friends, both around the US and abroad (FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp)

- used to refill prescriptions (apps of pharmacy chain and prescription benefit manager)

- used to check and adjust heating and AC controlling thermostats in two locations (app of thermostat manufacturer)

- used to check and manipulate video cameras at the home(s) I'm not at (app of camera company)

- light newspaper reading when an interval of a few minutes comes (NY + LA TImes, Wash. Post)

- submitting pickup orders from retailers. No longer as necessary as before but I've gotten accustomed to being able to "shop" in a time efficient manner. (Apps of various stores)

- A family member does a lot of travelling and likes me to check in on their location periodically when they're on a trip (iPhone Find My app)

- apps from each of two ISPs, that are useful when the services go out and I want to confirm outage and or report my problem (communication travels over cell system, usually unaffected by outages)

- paying for parking (ParkMobile)

- controlling and changing volume, music sources, and play lists for listening to my music systems (One is from the company, for a different one, it's a third party app)

- communications with docs (app that's part of their digital record systems)

- occasionally Uber

- following flight status and timing when family members are in the air or if I'm picking up someone.

- occasionally ordering food deliveries (Uber Eats, Grub Hub)

I've left out a number I use from time to time that I consider to be less "essential"

How about you?

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