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Adding new bathrooms into floor plan

8 days ago


We have a 2 storey 5 bedroom house and are looking to add another ensuite upstairs. As you can see in the floor plan, the primary bedroom has its own ensuite and the other 4 bedrooms have to share a single hall bath. The second bedroom is spacious and we are looking to build a new ensuite and walk in closet along the right hand wall. This would be done in the process of updating the hall bath. We are now trying to decide if it would work to build an additional ensuite for the third bedroom and move laundry to second floor? Perhaps by splitting the hall bath into a ensuite along the right side that would be accessed by the third bedroom, and either a new smaller hall bath or a laundry room with the remaining space? If we put the laundry room there, we would need to build a hall bath elsewhere to be used by the fourth and fifth bedrooms. Maybe even a jack and jill between them? Although that would maybe make those bedrooms too small.

In summary, if you were to try to add laundry upstairs along with 2 additional bathrooms (for a total of 4 baths) how would you do it? Or would this even be advisable? Ensuites and upper level laundry rooms are desirable in the newer builds in our area, but this home was built in the 80s and we don’t want the spaces to feel cramped. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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