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Fiddle Leaf Fig Root Prune -- top pruning necessary?

last year

Hi all!

I've got a 4 foot tall FLF that I've just potted up into some of Al Tapla's 5-1-1 soil mix. This was her first pot and soil change, and of course when I removed the 1.5 gallon nursery pot she had lots of thick circling roots.

I removed about 1" off the bottom the external circling roots, the soil, and 4 pencil-thick+ roots. I saved as much of the fibrous root mass as possible yet of course lost quite a bit while rinsing away the sludgy nursery soil. I followed Tapla's instructions for general guidance, simply removing all soil instead of 1/2, as the soil was anaerobic smelling.

I'd love to not prune the top if I can manage--it's got healthy leaves from the soil line to the tip, active growth, and seems healthy. If I avoid top pruning, keep her well watered and fed until winter, can I avoid pruning happy top growth? Thank you!

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