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Pension Stops Medical Stipend -- Offers Only Medicare Advantage Plan

9 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

Saturday's mail brought a letter from DH's former employer. In 2023 they will cease the reimbursement of medical costs -- in our case $3K a year -- and instead offer two Medicare Advantage plans from United Healthcare with zero premium cost listed. (IDK what they'd cost on the open market, i.e., what the company is funding.)

If we don't take this, it appears that we lose the $3K stipend towards paying our Medicare Part B and Part D premiums. The stipend has never increased.

We never wanted a Medicare Advantage plan, preferring to pay for Original Medicare plus a Plan F Medicare Supplement -- and our own choice of a Plan D that is based on which has the lowest premium for the expensive meds we require.

Have other pensioned retirees on the KT seen similar changes? I'm not sure how to compare these UHC plans with others, or with our current costs.

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