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What are these pods on the clematis vines?

4 months ago

This spring I moved plants from their original location at the corners of my house as the rootballs of each plant outgrew the confined soil area I put them in years ago. I then cut each one in half & replanted some on the side of my house (in the chicken wire & scrapwood pic) and 2 in a small rectangle 'birdbath garden' in hopes that they would eventually cover my various leftover trellis structures from other projects - which they did.

I expected lots of flowers but only have tons of pods on the birdbath vines.

I can't recall ever seeing these pods before.

What are they? The birds eat them from time to time.

As you can see, the 'other half' of the plants (chicken wire) have bloomed but are not growing well. All plants get 10+ hours of sun & I water all equally.

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