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Quartz Countertops are TERRIBLE

last year

LG Viaterra Quartz Calacatta Plata:

I really don't know what to do anymore. I had new quartz countertops installed in the kitchen and two bathrooms. Same slabs. Bathroom counterops are beautiful. Kitchen countertops are TERRIBLE. Smudged constantly, streaky, and I feel almost a film over them. The island was so bad, that LG actually replaced it. But immediately, same issues. Why are they so smudged and streaked. Brand new - never used, didn't let anyone touch, and terrible.

We live near the beach, on the bay. Could the salt air be affecting them? I"m so confused, disheartened, and honestly driving my family nuts b/c I"m so obsessive about how they look. I'm constantly trying to "clean" and "polish" (using only soap/water). What could be wrong??? And what can I do??

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