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Purchaser not picking up furniture

3 months ago

We listed a dining table and chairs on FB marketplace. On 8/1 someone came and looked at it, zelle'd money on the spot, said they'd arrange for pickup. That was a Monday. After a couple days I hadn't heard from them so we messaged saying we'd be gone for the weekend. They wrote back saying they were painting their dining room and would be by the following week. That came and went, and we've followed up a couple more times and just get responses like "ok."

So here we are, a month later and the furniture is still here and I'm not sure how to handle it. If we threaten to relist it it, then I suppose they will ask for their money back. But what if I don't get the same price for it?

I guess my question is how to best put pressure on them without risking it becoming my problem to deal with, or worse, losing money. One option is just to let it sit there. We've not found a new set yet and aren't particularly actively looking, but one concern is they come weeks later and say there's new damage and ask for money back. The table top is scratched, I pointed it out at the time and they didn't care but it's their word against mine. WWYD?

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