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white vinyl windows/aluminum sliding doors

Amy R
last month

Hi everyone,

We are rebuilding from catastrophic wildfire in northern CA, and have received a recommendation that even if we go with vinyl windows (because of cost and energy efficiency), we should use thermally broken aluminum for our sliding patio doors, as embers can collect against homes low down and doors are more vulnerable.

We will use Milgard Trinsic windows in white, but the Milgard aluminum only comes in bronze or clear/silver.

We have one triple-paned slider in the open plan great room, facing N/NE. The kitchen cabinets will be white/light. The floors will be a medium wood-toned vinyl plank product throughout the house. The posts on the covered concrete patios will be stained wood. The house itself will probably be a light sage green. We also have a double-paned slider in our primary bedroom, facing SE. The bedroom will be decorated in gray, but I know future residents might not make that choice.

Would you use bronze as an accent? Or clear/silver because it will blend better with the white? Would it be weird to use bronze to accent the great room but clear/silver in the bedroom?

(note: I ask all this reluctantly as I *really* want everyything to be the same color but we are also dealing with fire trauma and also the very real threat of more fire here... And our great room is particularly vulnerable as most of our fire winds come from the NE).

Thank you for your thoughts. - A

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