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Turning the dining room into a butler's pantry

Rose Franks
last month

I have a formal living room/dining room combo. We don't use the living room (we have a family room we use that is open to the kitchen) and the dining room is too small for our needs. I was planning on moving the dining room into the living room and then turning the dining room into a butlers pantry or serving area. The dining room is off of the kitchen. So imaging an "L" shape.

As you can see, I need more storage.

The carpet is getting removed and will be hardwood. My plan was to turn the formal living room into the dining room, the dining room into a butler's pantry with lower cabinets and countertops on the side walls and leaving the center open. The last picture is the doorway from my kitchen into the dining room. The dining room is about 14x11.

I guess I have 3 questions.

1.) Will it look stupid with the dining room to the left as soon as you come into the house?

2.) Is it stupid to still want to keep the opening to the dining room "open"

3.) Will this hurt my homes value?

Some more info:

The cabinets will be white (to match the kitchen), dark wood floors, butcher block counter tops.

PS I don't want to knock the wall down from the kitchen to the DR because that's going to create a snowball effect I don't want to deal with just to get more storage & a place to serve buffet style if needed.

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