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DEAD SPOT in newly installed shower

last month

We are fixing up an old 1971 house we recently purchased. The house had to be GUTTED. Hired someone recommended by my co-worker (even saw his work too) to redo BOTH bathrooms (from the beginning). We now have a significant DEAD SPOT in the circled area of the shower. 1 foot by 1 foot that goes to the joint too. It does NOT drain and stays wet unless you kick out the water (many many kicks) every single time.
He is willing to fix it and it’s not happy about his first dead spot every, but wants to put tile over tile, which seems to be the EASY WAY out. Anyone agree?

For any tile professionals out there, would you say REMOVING the floor hexagon tiles and one row of wall tiles would be the best way to solve this issue?
Yes I bought extra tile to complete this task.

If tile was laid on top- how will the drain lay correctly ? The floor tile now will not be under the wall tile and not look good as you’ll be able to see all the cuts of each hexagon floor tile. (no we found out he isn’t a good tile layer either and his cuts aren’t that good).

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