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Help! Newly installed white cabinets don't match paint swatch.

11 years ago

Our kitchen cabinets, which are custom made by a local cabinet maker are in the process of being installed. The white that we chose is Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Our cabinet maker color matched it to a commercial grade oil based enamel paint in which he sprays on the cabinets. The color is not matching to the simply white at all. Is this because our Simply white that we sampled on a piece of primed wood is from a latex based paint? The color match formulation that was used on our cabinets is an oil base enamel. My question is: When everyone on this kitchen forum says that they are using a specific color by Benjamin Moore, is it REALLY a BM paint OR are they COLOR MATCHING it with another paint? Our cabinet maker said he couldn't use a BM paint because it wasn't formulated for commercial grade enamel finishing. If you did use BM, was it done professionally? And did they have to get a certain formulation? ALSO- our whites are so inconsistent between uppers and lowers. Is this due to the way the light is hitting it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Need to make decisions. Please see attached picture that shows difference b/w uppers and lowers, as well as the actual BM Simply White painted wood sample in the upper right cabinet! thank you!

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