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Safety and John Deere's 30-Second Oil Change System

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I spent 2 hours installing the 30-Second Oil Change cartridge, and think I have found the problem

First, the SAFETY issue, in troubleshooting, I put an awl down the throat of the new cartridge, To my surprised the oil came squirting out and if I did not wear glassed, I would have had an eye full of motor oil.

It appears the contents of the Cartridge are under pressure so handle the cartridge as a pressurized vessel.

Always wear glasses when working around pressurized liquids.

Now to the 30-second oil Change Cartridge. I worked about 2 hours to get the cartridge to go to the full lock position. I tried everything, but it would only go about a third of the way and then stop. To solve the problem I final bent the ends of the tangs in the cartridge fitting on the tractor. The tangs are a little over an inch long. Using the pliers, I bent the every end of the tang about a 1/16th of an inch. The tangs on on the cartridge were apparently not going under the tangs on the fitting make it impossible to make the required quarter of a turn to lock it into place. With the slight upward bend, the cartridge tangs could slide under the fittings tang.

Once I bent the tangs up it was only a matter of applying the proper torque to get the cartridge to turn into place.

While I talked to the man in the JD service department, they did not mention it. I assume the fix is like the fix to eliminate the safety switch. it is against the policy to recommend procedures that are not approve by the company. Whatever, I reported back to the service department what I did to get the cartridge installed.