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John Deere X475 several issues

13 years ago

2WD X475 bought new in Spring 2007

23hp Kawasaki Engine

62" deck

209.6+ hours

Issue 1)

Running very poorly. Suspect ignition coil on left (starter) side. I can pull the plug wire on that side and there is no change in performance. It began by running poorly only when run for a long time - say 1-1/2 - 2 hours. Saturday it began running bad all the time. Compression is 160 psi on left, 165 psi on right. Plug gap was about .025" on both.

Issue 2)

Using/ losing oil. Oil and filter were changed in April. Oil level was full. Used approximately 24 hours, oil was not touching stick - required over a quart to fill. There is no obvious smoke. Does this engine have some type of pcv system that could be pulling oil in? That would atomize it pretty well which could mask smoking. Everything underneath is dry, and it is garage-kept on a concrete floor that would expose any external leaks. The coolant is not milky which would exclude internal leak to the cooling system. Where can it be going so fast? 24 hours is fast for that much oil to be gone... Way too early in engine life to be talking rings, and valve seals typically make an engine smoke like a freight train. Ideas?

Issue 3)

The air filter hold down has holes punched in it. The air filter housing has holes in it. There is a washer with holes that do not align with either that can partially cover the holes but not completely. It seems that dirty air has to be getting into the carburetor. I made a cardboard washer to cover the holes. Can this cause a problem, and/ or is it even necessary?

Issue 4)

The hour meter quit working last week. (reads 209.6 hours continuously) Is this connected to the ignition in any way that a bad coil could cause it to stop working? Where can I get a wiring diagram to diagnose?

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