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Paint color for arch and built-ins? I’m stuck!

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Hi all. I need some advice on which combo of colors to paint the archway between the living and dining room and the living room built in shelves you see here (last pic of living room provided for context):

When we moved in, we painted all the common area walls and trim BM Simply White. Unfortunately, I let the painter match it to Sherwin Williams (I now know better), and the wall color has hideous lime green undertones, so we need to repaint. For the dining room, I’m leaning toward Woodlawn Blue between the chair rail and molding on the top half (I’m craving color!), and the correct Simply White under the chair rail. For the living room, BM Natural Cream for all walls, including the fireplace surround (I don’t want an accent wall there—currently Rockport Gray). I think I’d like to paint the back beadboard wall of the built-ins Woodlawn Blue as an accent. All trim will be Simply White.

I’m having trouble deciding what combo of colors to paint the underside of the un-trimmed arch connecting LR and DR, as well as the arched built-ins. I think the underside of the two arches should match. I’ve narrowed it down to a few options but would love some feedback!

(1) LR Walls=BM Natural Cream.

Sides, top, and bottom of the built-ins and the shelves=same as the walls.

Back of built-ins=Woodlawn Blue.

Underside of archway=Natural Cream, like a continuation of the walls.

This is my favorite choice, particularly for the built-ins. Issue: Is it okay if the Natural Cream of the arch directly abuts the Dining Room walls that will be painted Woodlawn Blue/Simply White? You can kind of see this with the paint samples above.

(2) LR Walls=Natural Cream.

Sides, Top and Bottom of built-ins and shelves=Simply White (to match the trim).

Back of built-ins=Woodlawn Blue.

Underside of arch=Simply White (to match trim and now the other arch).

Issue: I think there’s too much going on with the built-ins with Woodlawn Blue + Simply White and being surrounded by Natural Cream Walls. I’d prefer there to be more of a seamless transition, incorporating the wall color into the built ins with just the one blue accent.

(3) Get rid of Natural Cream altogether. Re-paint everything Simply White (corrected), except back of built ins and top half of dining room (Woodlawn Blue).

Issue: Our living room gets very little natural light, and the white in there right now just falls flat. That’s why I’m leaning toward greige for more depth. I also don’t love the idea of painting the fireplace Simply White—I think the stones will look dingy in comparison and it will be hard to clean when we have fires.

Would love any feedback you have, and any other ideas that I am not thinking about! Thank you!

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