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Opinions needed on window grid pattern for living room wall of windows

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Our living room windows are the last windows in our home that need to be replaced. It's a very formal room with library paneling. This wall of windows is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, since you walk into the entryway, and straight into the living room. We have decided to go ahead and do white windows. Many might not agree, but many people have assured us that in person, they think it will be ok, since there are other white elements in the room (fireplace tile, ceiling, stairway spindles, etc.). Painting the room may someday be an option as well. We think we are going with picture widows as the replacements since we live in the midwest and there are only very short "windows of time" during the yr where the temp and humidity are conducive to opening them. They've also been unopenable the entire 7 yrs we've lived here and we haven't missed being able to open them. I believe picture windows will give us the most "glass" in a replacement and minimize the amount of white frame. Please ignore everything going on outside in the original picture. We have been working on pressure washing on the deck. I'm not sure it matters, but I have a pinterest board of pictures I've collected of rooms in this style, with library paneling. I looked just now and they all have grids. This leads me to believe that grids might "fit" this style best?

Anticipating that someone may ask - it is real stained glass in the transoms, but they aren't in good shape and the style isn't something I enjoy, anyway. The windows on the front of our home all have grids. The rest of the back doesn't have grids in the windows, but they are our windows with an actual view, vs these that look onto a deck.

The window dimensions are about 35/65 and 35/20

If anyone has another grid pattern idea, please let me know!

All but the first picture, have a background that is generated by the window visualizer.

As it is, now. Ignore the huge black couch monstrosity - they are supposed to be going in the basement, but my husband hurt his back.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7. This is the same grid pattern as what is currently there. I like that the smaller grids on top won't make it look like we tried, but failed to get the transom and lower window grids to match up, but worry it might be too many lines when they are white.

Another view of the room. My decorating is severely lacking.

Front of the home, which is also undergoing changes this fall.

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