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Help black windows on back GRIDS or NO GRIDS?

Hello and help! We are ordering black windows and I am doing 2x3 grids on the front and struggling with what I should do on the back of the house. All natural white oak floors all white walls but I am struggling with grids or no grids on the back of the house. I love the traditional house and I love the modern look. We would love to change the lower left window on the back to look like the last photo with grids but would it be terrible to do the rest in open picture windows? We are for sure doing no grids on the slider. Is there a modern but still pretty alternative kitchen window w/ no grids for the kitchen? I want it to be cohesive but I love both. Any and all opinions welcome!!!!! I order windows TODAY and it’s a huge huge purchase. Oh and yes we had a house fire the week prior to Christmas in 2020. Fun way to end the year lol! The back windows will not have a transom and I did a black electrical tape mock up for fun. Thank you all!

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