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How to protect myself from low quality work already begun?

Mitch Raful
last month

I started a bathroom remodel. I told the contractor the concrete floor needed to be leveled. I explicitly showed them the other bathroom I remodeled last year and how it had to be done. When the guy showed up to do the work. He through the cast iron tub into the bathroom and as he carried in the tile I said no, the floor needed to be leveled. He said, no, no, it's level. You can see in the pictures I've included how he made the tile crooked on the long side of the tub, then the tile is crooked at the top in the opposite direction. I've also included a picture of the wall and short backside of the tub that he did well and I expect it should look. I am fighting with the contractor now. The two tiled walls, tub, and floor need to be removed, concrete floor leveled then start. The guy actually doing the work doesn't want to move the tub but put it on stilts (I have no idea what that means but it doesn't sound good. How can I protect myself to make sure this gets done correctly? Also, how do I get the mortar of the porcelain finish off of the tub?

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