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How to finish this bedroom?

last month

I am in a love-hate relationship with my bedroom right now, and feel like it's not finished or is missing the "wow" factor. My initial thought is I need to finish it off with some decorative accents, maybe above the headboard or elsewhere, but I get frustrated at not being able to figure it out. I would consider swapping out the rug and coordinate accordingly, but get afraid I'll put myself in the same situation or not knowing how to finish the room. I'd really like to keep the high dollar items like bed, nightstands, bench, mirrors and draperies in place, and work around those. Believe it or not, this room is a result of working with a professional, so I just don't know anymore (and am leery to hire someone again... it's expensive for the uncertainty!). I would just like to love my bedroom. Any advice is appreciated!

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