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Hits and Misses /can we share?

last month

I know when I am looking for a gift, unless something jumps out at me I often have a hard time. Obviously I want it to be really liked, and if I'm going to get something I want to also feel good about giving it. Remember the great baby quilt? I wish I could stumble on gifts like that. Like you have no question about giving it.

I don't get too many big deal gifts for my grandkids (as they have everything and beyond) but I like to give some little treats and it's funny how some are afterthoughts and they are really hits. Others I've given I thought would be adored, and they are big disappointments.

So can we share?

(It doesn't need to be for kids but this example just came to me).

A few months ago I somehow came across DoodleJamz. and thought they would be fantastic. Well, they weren't at all. Maybe your experience was different?

As an aside, I got them at a specialty toy store, $10 each as is the price on the A site. I ust went to look for them to show a picture and they are selling for much less. Ha. This is one version but there were a few others. Looked good to me but obviously what do I know.

Then a few weeks ago I saw these small etch a sketch ( remember those) and hesitated thinking they might be frustrating and too heavy...well the seond they got them they were consumed with them. ( grands are 6, 4, and 2 ). They thought it was the greatest thing EVER.

So - any hits and or misses to share?

Again it doesn't have to be kid related.

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