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What color to paint open kitchen & living room?

last month
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I am STRUGGLING! I was torn between SW Evergreen Fog, SW Clary Sage, SW Parakeet and SW Melange Green. I considered orange, yellow and blue. I’m still open, but would prefer a green.

I settled on painting my bedroom SW Evergreen Fog… but I wasn’t sure the living room would look okay in SW Evergreen Fog color.

Both areas gets soooo much natural light. But when its cloudy, it definitely gets dark. I want it to feel calming, bright and fresh. One of the challenges is the weird wall angles!!! Ugh.

Once i get a paint color, I’ll be able to coordinate furniture, pictures, artwork artwork, plants etc. Get a much better cohesive look going.

please help! Thank you SOO much in advance

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