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Small kitchen layout dilemma.

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Hello Houzzers,

After 30 years in our home, it's time for a kitchen remodel. Original cabinets from 1960's. We are in the process of getting bids, but here is my working Sketchup design (please...I know it's not perfect - I taught myself the program and only know how to do a few things!).

The problem - the dishwasher. We have it going to right of sink, so we can center the sink to window (it's been off-center all along). BUT, when DW door is open, you can't open freezer bottom (it will be a french door- counter depth). Is that a big deal? We can probably live with it, but want to make the best design decisions. Is there something we are not thinking of?

An alternative would be to lose the double convection oven (it works perfectly, I love it, but almost never use the bottom oven) and put the oven under the cooktop (I want induction, we have electric now). Then we would have more counter space, also can keep dw on left of sink and still center sink. My feeling is our kitchen is really too small to allow valuable real estate to be used with a double oven.

Our dream remodel would remove the peninsula, add an island, knock out the pantry wall entirely, and wall extending across from oven. But, we're trying to keep this under 60k, (and not replace the wood flooring bc there's 400 sq' of it going into fam room) and in addition to cost of new appliances, here in SoCal, labor is expensive! We do plan to open that doorway into dining room up 3' (where egress is too tight) and that alone requires an engineering report. The florescent lights will be replaced with canned lights. The counter overhang will be filled with 12" deep cabs. We have never used it for seating and desperatly need storage.

I've turned to you many times in the past 10 years for help and am always amazed at the ideas you come up with. THANK YOU!

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