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"Post" Pandemic Kitchen Reno, 48" Dacor Rangetop Alternatives?

last month

We started our kitchen reno in 2019 and got almost half way and had to put it off due to the pandemic. We managed to replace our 50+yr old Thermadore electric stovetop with a 36" 6-Burner Thor Gas Cooktop.

Functionally is has been pretty good. No real complains. The stainless steel scratches very easily, but otherwise is very easy to clean. Biggest complaint is that ALL of the writing by the knobs has worn off, and the finish is starting to come off the knobs. It's maybe a year old.

Before the pandemic I was looking at the Dacor 48" Rangetop (DTT48M876LS) with 6-Burners and no griddle. We have a large family and often cook meals for the holidays for extended family. We use large pots and pans, and will have 3-4 going fairly regularly, and during holidays will use all 6 burners. Right now it's very difficult to have two large pans going at once. They will hit each other and/or have to be offset, etc. We have also ended up with some really hot handles. Thankfully most of my stuff is cast iron/steel so nothing melted. That is why the Dacor appealed to us so much with the really wide cooking areas. We don't really care about the griddle, I have a cast iron grill/griddle that we lay over two of the burners now. Works great!

Unlike most of the other things I've looked at, Dacor's prices haven't gone up considerably. But many other things have so we need to adjust our budget accordingly and make some hard choices. The Rangetop was my baby. I'm not a professional cook, but I DO enjoy cooking and having the right tools makes the job easier and more enjoyable. My 13yr old daughter has learned to cook on our gas cooktop and enjoys cooking as well.

What are some reasonable alternatives without taking TOO far of a step down. My wife likes the Zline Autograph Porcelain, but I think she likes the stainless/gold look. I think we want to stick to sealed burners since SOME of us (glancing at wife and kids) aren't very careful when they are cooking and drop things all over burners. I prefer a rangetop over a cooktop because I feel like the knobs up top take away from cooking area. As much of a techie as I am, I think most connected appliances are a waste of money, so I could care less about that. Budget ideally something in the $4000 ballpark. Unfortunately I think that eliminates Bluestar, Viking, Wolf and Thermador, which are usually the recommended brands.

What I have found is:

Zline - 6 burners, 4x2 configuration with griddle between

Fisher & Paykel - 8 burners

Five Star - 6 burners 2x4 configuration with griddle between

Bertazzoni - 6 burners on left, electric griddle on right

Cafe - 6 burners on left, griggle on right

I like the Bertazzoni, but both it and the Cafe have all the burners on the left. I might as well get a 36" at that point.

Any others I should look at/consider? Thoughts on these brands? I thought I had seen Five Star and F&P in the threads a while back. I know Bertazzoni has been recommended. Is Zline a "budget" brand? The Autograph Edition is under $3k AND In-Stock (which is a whole other factor).

Suggestions on a hood is appreciated. We are redoing the whole wall there and there will be no cabinets above.

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