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I have a backlog of so many pics. All of these, though, are in the last week or so.

Lavender Stardust

Carrick Wildon --lots of picture days

Christopher Hitchens --just starting

Tropical Fruit Fight

Ideological Worldview

Electric LadyLand

Becky Adams

Free the Captives --well budded, large blooms nicely placed on scapes. And it comes later, which people claim they like.

Vision of Things to Come --of course had to have its best picture day in the rain

Honey On My Lips

Joshua Slocum

Doctor McGregor's Garden

In Living Color

Bridge of Sighs

Becky Adams earlier

How Lovely You Are --filled with blooms, day after day. Fantastic bud count. Hard to photograph in its location (delicate pastel coloration).

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