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Help finding oven safe gloves

Tony P
2 months ago

I do a lot of cooking, and over the years I’ve tried various heatproof gloves to help me when handling hot gear like cast iron etc. I’m not a fan of the OveGlove type gloves, with that woven material that turns into molten lava the moment any liquid touches it. But I’ve tried silicone oven mitts and they just don’t give the the dexterity I want. Additionally, I’m looking for long gloves that go about halfway up my forearms, as I’ve sometimes grazed that part of my arm against hot surfaces.

Can anyone recommend long heatproof kitchen gloves that are not mitts (have five fingers), and provide for good ability to handle things?

I’m a bit of a bull in a china shop in the kitchen, so I need a little help to protect myself.

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