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My Coral Dawn survived the Winter!!!

Karen F
2 months ago

I am so happy to report that with Darlene's help my beautiful Coral Dawn Rose survived the winter here in Ontario, Canada. I think too when it has the side of the building and across from it the high wooden fence protected it a lot. It has come on like Gangbusters and has produced umpteen buds on it. I am so thrilled at seeing this as I didn't expect it to get any this year. But it has!!! Not as big as when I first got it but they are drop dead gorgeous and still have the same beautiful fragrance to them. The one lady was so taken up with them wanted to get her camera and take a picture of them. Alerted her to the fact that they are in bud. Some have already bloomed and finished. Darlene whom lives one door down from me on same floor has been looking after it for me and showing me how to do so too. She too is really taken up with this one especially the pink shade on it. Is hoping to get a 2nd one for her to put near the shed that has gone up recently. I keep meaning to look for it at the various garden centres but will have to put a raincheck on it until next year as this year it seems one thing after another with me. First off was going for therapy due to pulled muscle in shoulder/back area. Get over that and then tripped and fell on left leg on sidewalk. Got x-rays taken of it but no breaks but was hobbling around on it. Got no bruising occur on the outside but was grazed. Got special ice pack to go around entire leg from Doctor to put on it which helped. Just getting over that and then one of the fellahs that come to our coffee every morning despite being triple vaccinated tested positive for covid19. All of us too have been triple vaccinated as well but had to isolate for 7 days. Shown no symptoms and took a test on one of the free home kits on the 7th day and tested negative. On 10th day still nada but wear mask in stores and on bus just to be on the safe side. Here is a picture I took of it recently. May take another one and post it here.

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