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Calacatta Prado with Cloe white backsplash?

last year

Has anyone done this or seen it done? I know there are lengthy threads on both the Prado quartz and on the Cloe tile and I’ve pored over all of them for weeks now but I don’t recall anyone showing this combination (although a few looked very similar).

Broken granite forced me into updating my lovely but very dated kitchen before I was really ready. I have some minor restrictions, one being that I need to lean toward warmer rather than very cool colors, but not too warm. The Prado quartz is being installed this Friday and I have some Cloe samples, but haven’t been able to put them next to each other yet.

I’m on a bit of a tight timeline so I really wanted to order the Cloe this week if it’s going to work with the Prado. I’m hoping the variation isn’t too cool overall. The samples I have are so pretty. Our walls are Edgecomb Gray (very little in the kitchen), but I am also dealing with a taupe & cream checkerboard floor. Cabinets are going to be painted, most likely a deep taupe on the lowers and white for the uppers. Coming from a 16-year old, dated “Tuscan” kitchen, this will be quite a change for me.

I wanted to enjoy this process more but I’m finding it a bit stressful!

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