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Unexpected backsplash...remove or rethink?

2 months ago

We are nearing the end of our kitchen remodel. Our countertops were installed yesterday and I was shocked when I got home from work to see a 4 inch quartz backsplash. The cabinet maker also handled ordering the countertops. We never discussed this backsplash and in his renderings the countertop looks flat. I immediately messaged him and havent gotten an answer to how this happened yet. I had planned on tiling from counter to cabinets but I do not like the look of tile above quartz backsplashes. I guess I have 2 options. 1. Go with it (it is kind of growing on me because I like very simple design and dont like very busy tile) In this case I was thinking of having a quartz slab to match installed over the slide in range because there is nothing there. Then I would paint remainder of wall space. 2. Have the backsplash removed and go with original plan. I am kind of thrown with this too because the quartz is white but actually looks cream under the cabinets so IDK what tile to choose that would not make island and counters look more mismatched than they do. I am waiting to hear back from cabinet maker. Should I expect him or the countertop company to cover the cost of removing backsplash or adding slab?

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