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Your experience with Cloe tile in White - what color is it?

4 years ago

I am considering Cloe tile (example picture below) in white for my kitchen backsplash to go with White Dove cabinets. There are lots of pictures of it online and I love the subtle color variations from white to gray. Unfortunately, it is not sold in Canada, so I cannot look at it at a store. I ordered one sample and it is quite bright white, probably a bit brighter than the cabinets, I realize that to truly evaluate it, I will need to see more samples, since there are color variations. And it is quite a cumbersome, slow and expensive procedure to order samples one by one using a mail forwarding service.

So I was wondering... if you have white Cloe tile installed, or you have considered it for your projects, could you please share your experience? Does it read white, off-white or grey on the whole? What is the range of color variations? Is there a big difference between the lightest light and the darkest dark?

Thank you!

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