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I'm all done with growing container vegi's. Here is why.

Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I can;t keep up with the watering!

My tomato plants quickly outgrow their big pots and once they do I have to water 3 times a day or more when it's hot. It is such a pain. It is stupid. Once the plant wilts, they perk right back up after I water them, but the quality of the tomato's goes down the poop shoot. They are stunted, or get hard and crack, the leaves turn yellow.

For me, it is easier to buy them at the local farmers market. Not worth the aggravation or time.

Not just them, but my figs and anything else that fills out their containers faster than weeds could.

What about you?

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