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Configuration for utility/cleaning closet

2 months ago

Hey, folks. We are renovating our kitchen/mudroom and my plan is to turn a small coat closet into a utlity/cleaning closet (broom, duster, mop, rechargeable Dyson and accessories, all kinds of cleaning liquids, small cleaning tools, etc.). The closet is 29.5" wide and 23" deep. The door is 80" tall, but the closet goes up to the ceiling, which is 102" tall. Does it make more sense to dedicate, say, the left side of the closet to storing tall things (broom, mop, cordless Dyson) and have shelves on the right side OR does it make more sense to have shallower shelves all along the back and use the side walls of the closet closer to the front to store the tall things (on hooks/holders)? I have one of those Elfa door rack systems (baskets on the door) and I assume I will continue to use that, but am open to suggestions. Also, what would you do with all that space between the top of the door and the ceiling?

Thank you -- I appreciate any feedback you might have. I tried to keep this short, but let me know if I need to include more info!

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