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quartz countertop seams, in advance

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago


My mother just had her new KraftMaid cabinets installed today - she worked with Home Depot cabinet person, and everything is going well so far!

Next up will be a temporary sink while waiting for the countertop templates..

Since the seams are an issue for some installs, that's why I am wondering in this small U-shape kitchen, what to expect the seams to be like so that she can hopefully get the best result.

I have a drawing showing the measurements, but that photo won't upload (its format is HEIC not JPG?), so here are the measurements:

The counter between stove and window wall is 57"

The window wall with the sink is 101"

The wall to perpendicular the sink on the right is 72"

Editing to say thanks for any tips on where seams should go!

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