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Help to beautify the front and add privacy in front

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This is the front of my house and I am trying to make it looks more appealing to add a bit more privacy towards the front. Cars are whipping up and down the street on the left side of my house and as well facing the front of my house. I would sometimes sit on the stairs at the front porch and just stare or space out to decompress from things or eat fruit but I find that there is a bit of privacy issue with cars/motors driving especially towards my direction. This is why I planted a Rose of Sharon bush closer to the porch so that I can hide behind it. The bush is sadly looking because it has been transplanted but it will come back. From the inside when I look out the big window, the area that I see is the same spot I see when I am sitting on the stair case. See the area I have marked. What can I plant there to cover up that view so that I am not looking at roads and cars? I am located in a zone 6 region with temperature ranging from 16 to 21 Celsius


Many thanks in advance.

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