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Help with front door/front of house

9 years ago

There are changes to be made to the rest of the plan but right now I want to focus on the front of the house. :)

Do you think the downstairs windows will look alright? Not too big, not too small? They are centered with the three dormers in the 2nd story in a cape cod style.

Now the front door. Right now it has a sidelight to the left. Dh doesn't want that because it makes the door weaker where it closes. We are thinking just a front door with some sort of window in it. Not sure of the exact look.

Would you move the door over at all if not doing a sidelight? What do you think would look better - a full window, half, other? Is there a reason to pick one over the other as far as strength and durability go or is it purely cosmetic and personal preference?

This house will be in the country about 1/4 mile off the road so we aren't too worried about privacy. Although, if we go with glass it will probably be opaque.


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