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Competitive eating?

last month

The champion won this year's Nathan's hot dog contest after eating 63 hot dogs. From the NYT: "Mr. Chestnut, who has a personal record of 78 hot dogs, has set other eye-popping records: including 32 Big Macs in 38 minutes, 82 tacos in eight minutes, and 5.9 pounds of funnel cake in ten minutes.

The maximum number of hot dogs that a human being can consume in 10 minutes is 83, according to a study published in 2020that was based on 39 years’ worth of data from the contest."

I can't imagine being able to eat 63 hot dogs at one time. Even at Thanksgiving which is probably the biggest meal of the year for me, my holiday plate of food is nowhere near the volume of that many dogs. I will occasionally eat a hot dog or two (with appropriate add ons like chili/cheese or pickle/mustard or sauerkraut) (after looking over the ingredient list and choosing pure beef or other dogs with no mystery ingredients) but 63? How many can you eat?

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