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Blackberry siting questions:

I bought 2 thornless blackberry plants back in April. Cultivars are Ebony King and Baby Cakes, which is supposed to be dwarf.

The plan was to plant them at the end of my raspberry row, which was planted against the neighbor's fence. One of my few full sun areas.

The neighbor decided to take down their fence. (Which is fine, it was old, and the two yards flowing together looks nice).

So I moved the raspberries, but it's a suboptimal spot with part shade and lots of roots. And there's no room for the blackberry plants there either.

I potted up both plants temporarily, but I need to find a final place for them.

So, how invasive are blackberry plants in general?

The Ebony King I'd have to put into a mixed shrub / perennial border on the opposite side of the yard (full sun). Is it going to invade all the other shrubs and the other neighbor's yard? I'd also have to move plants to have room there - move a tomato plant or some iries.

Another spot is to plant it in with my rhubarb plant, in a landscape block raised bed adjoining my (higher raised) perennial bed. Part sun. (It's mostly a holding bed for perennials. Started out being for vegetables, but then it got too shady.)

The Baby Cakes can go in a big pot, I guess. But can it be overwintered that way in my zone 5b?


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