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Can I mix wood floors?

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I need help. We just had a bad flood in the back part of our house. The dinning room, living room, family room and kitchen all all in one large open area in the front of our house and were not touched by the flood. It has an older wood floor throughout. The back part of the house (a hallway and 4 bedrooms) had carpet. The existing wood opens to a narrow hallway and then the bedrooms and baths lead off from the hall. Looking down the short narrow hall you can see a bathroom. The bedrooms branch off from there and cannot be seen unless you go in and turn a corner. The hallway is not visible when you enter the house so it would still have one cohesive floor until you walk well into the house and glance to the left. The carpets were ruined and I would like to replace them with wood floors (the two bathrooms would be tile like the kitchen and other bathroom). I cannot match the new wood floors to the existing floors so my dilemma is: should I try and find as close a match as possible or go with a contrasting look? I am hoping that the narrow hall and bedrooms are separated enough from the front part of the house that it would be OK to have two different wood looks. Refinishing the existing wood is not an option. I have included two pictures so you can get an idea of how the small hallway connects to the front of the house. I would sure love to hear your opinions. We are anxious to begin repairs.

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