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Making a counter depth refrigerator flush with cabinets

last month

Hi everyone - am looking for some advice for a kitchen renovation I’m in the middle of. We are planning on buying the counter-depth Samsung 4-door flex refrigerator, which happens to have quite a thick door - about 4 inches. We had been hoping to make it blend in with the cabinets and have it be as close to flush as possible with the wall of cabinets in either side. We have a cabinet maker so have some flexibility with what we can do. If we want to have the door open we need about 3-4” of space on either side. He is suggesting that we use filler millwork on either side, 4” recessed so that the doors open and it gives the whole wall a streamlined look. I have researched what to do with counter depth refrigerators and am completely swirly now.

I’m attaching the drawing he sent me - this is from the top down. On the right side of the fridge are 3-15” pantry units. On the left side will be lower drawers and upper open shelving. You can see how the filler panels sit flush with the fridge body to allow the doors to open. We have a small kitchen and will have an island that sits in front of much of the fridge; and it is tight, maybe 30-35”, not enough room to push the island either.

Thoughts? Advice? Am I overthinking this - should I just let the fridge stick out 3-4”? Will the filler space look ok?

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