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bark dust debacle

8 days ago

Any input is appreciated! I’m losing my mind. We are redoing our yard. It had nearly no landscaping when we moved in. We put down a little bit of sod and plan on putting in some pavers and stone paths. But we were getting impatient with the mud pit our yard is and we spread 2 units of aged fir bark mulch to help with the mud puddles. Which it did. I was hestitant to put the mulch down, my husband wanted to, and with all the puddles I thought bark chips wouldn’t work. But now the kids and I are constantly covered with slivers and the mulch is all over the house. I’m losing my mind. It’s almost worse than the mud puddles. Is there a way to fix this? I think we needed some organic material mixed with our clay soil, so it’s probably good for the soil. Should I rototill it in to the soil and put bark nuggets or something else on top. Every single time the kids go outside they get covered with the mulch. I’m constantly picking out slivers.

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