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Our painter wants us to use an "off-brand" Sherwin Williams color

8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

We are replacing a full-lite exterior door with a 3/4 lite that we're going to install a dog door in the bottom of. The door company recommended a painter who is going to come and paint it after it's installed.

All our exterior doors are Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069) on the outside.

When we asked about getting paint, he said he had some "non-Sherwin Williams Iron Ore" paint that he had on hand from another customer. Is it wise to use a non-SW paint to match a Sherwin Williams color? Money is not a major issue here, and I want to make sure the color matches, but also I don't need to make an extra trip to SW if there's nothing wrong with an off-brand match.

Should we just let him use the stuff he already has? Thanks!

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